Man Up!

Welcome to Man Up, God’s Way! As David lay on his death bed, he gave Solomon a charge. (1 Kings 2:1-4, NKJV) The charge consists of several injunctions one of which is “be strong therefore, and prove yourself a man.” Many versions leave out the word “therefore” and translate “prove” as “act.” The term man in the original language clearly distinguishes Solomon as a male from a female. Therefore, David is encouraging Solomon to act like a man which in our modern-day vernacular would be similar to, Man up!

The phrase, Man up! means there is a way to be a man. To be a man does not mean everything nor does it mean nothing. It does mean something. That something is defined by God. The way to be a man differs from the way to be a woman. In fact, until recently no one ever told women to Woman, Up! It is not because there is not a way to be a woman which many women today are forsaking, but because being a man is something to which a male is to attain.

Political and religious liberals are vehemently attacking the Biblical concept of masculinity (manliness or manhood) presently with a vengeance not hereto seen since the formation of Feminism. Masculinity is evil because it stands for patriarchy, marriage, the supposed subjugation of women, etc. Liberals have come to only one conclusion – masculinity must be excised as if being manly is the same as being demon possessed.

There is opposition. The religious world including the Lord’s church has fought back in two ways. There is the obligatory refutation of the feminist principles which has lead so many men and women in the United States to decry a manly man. Additionally, many authors have also attempted to fight back by providing a Biblical definition and description of masculinity. Unfortunately, for the most part, this attempt is misdirected.

The war is centered on the created natures of both the male and female. At the least, religious feminists are not calling into question whether a man should tell the truth or be kind or caring. What is being called into question by all forms of feminism is our created nature. Here are some of the basic questions that need to be examined and answered:

What does it mean for a male to be a man?

What does it mean for a male to be a husband?

What does it mean for a male to be a father?


What does it mean for a female to be a woman?

What does it mean for a female to be wife?

What does it mean for a female to be a mother?


What does it mean for a man and woman to be a Christian?

The first set of questions are related to our physical creation. The last question is related to our spiritual creation. Feminists are fighting to eradicate the manliness of the male whom God made in his image to reimagine the male in the image of the female worshipped in Gaia.

This issue is central to the existence, work and infrastructure of the Lord’s church. New Testament leadership roles are male-centric. This threat has the potential to destroy the roles of manhood, husband, father, headship, elder, deacon and preacher. The male will still exist but will not exist in the forms which God created for him. God expects his leaders to not merely be a male but to Man Up!

Man Up, God’s Way! will attack the issue of masculinity and femininity as virtues of the order God created physically and spiritually. The website will touch upon feminism but only as feminism attacks God’s order. Otherwise, the site will be a host to various sermons, Man Up! and information on personal protection and providing.